Selected premium brands for children

Children's fashion doesn't have to be boring and hackneyed! The brands we choose are created by designers, fantastic people who have heads full of great ideas and unlimited imagination. Their clothing lines are released in short series, they are original and unclichéd.

It is an ethical approach to fashion and the idea of ​​slow fashion.

In our store you will find brands that are unique and timeless. We conduct selections in such a way that the products we offer are of the best quality. We offer The Animals Observatory, Tiny Cottons, Garbo and Friends, Bobo Choses, Little Man Happy and Tocoto Vintage products for our children ourselves, so we know them very well :)

 The idea of ​​Slow Fashion means consciously choosing brands that are famous for their high quality, as well as attention to detail, above all, providing employees with decent conditions and care for the natural environment.

How wonderful is when you drink a cup of coffee, in the middle of the sunny day and watching your child playing in games in beautiful wearing? Isn't it?

We select companies in such a way that they correspond to this approach, which is why you will find The Animals Observatory, Tiny Cottons,  Bobo Choses, Tocoto Vintage, Little Man Happy, Garbo&Friends and Mini Rodini.

The products on our website are to serve generations, the quality of materials and the quality of their production is crucial in this case. Mainly you will find cotton and linen made of the best quality fibers.

Fashion for children of premium brands is not only fantastic designs, colors and very good quality, but also comfort while wearing. Our main goal is to promote the idea of ​​Slow Fashion, clothes produced in harmony with nature and human dignity, and less waste.

Brands such as The Animals Observatory, Tiny Cottons, GOMMU, Bobo Choses, Tocoto Vintage, Picnik Barcelona or Little Man Happy create beautiful designs, forms and cuts of t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, skirts, bloomers and many other things. What will allow them to stand out from the crowd and reflect their character in their clothes.

From the next season, the Tiny Cottons brand will also stay with us for good!!!!!

Our store mainly specializes in fashion and accessories for children and babies.

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