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Baby Short Sleeve Tocoto Vintage Blouse
Baby Short Sleeve Tocoto Vintage Blouse
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Baby Short Sleeve Tocoto Vintage Blouse
Baby Short Sleeve Tocoto Vintage Blouse

Baby Short Sleeve Tocoto Vintage Blouse

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Elegant blouse Baby Short Sleeve Tocoto Vintage

Striped, short-sleeved, buttoned blouse is a perfect proposition for a girl and a boy for the upcoming spring / summer season. Fits a girl with tulle bloomers also available on our website. A pocket and a Tocoto Vintage star sewn on the front should meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Country of production: Portugal

Material: 71% cotton, 14% recycled cotton, 15% recycled polyester

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What is the Tocoto Vintage brand?

Tocoto Vintage is a unique fashion brand whose history began on the tiny Spanish island of Formentera. The founder of the brand, gaining inspiration during numerous travels, decided to create something unique - a brand that will combine a harmonious combination of various materials, lace finishes and Tocoto Vintage nostalgia.
When creating collections, the designer focuses on perfect and extraordinary care, which makes each product of this brand unique. In Tocoto Vintage collections you will find many pastel colors, shades of pink, beige and white, and part of the collection is inspired by various forms of hoods.
This very popular brand Tocoto Vintage pays great attention to the design and production of its products. The designer sources various materials from around the world to create a collection finished with lace trims that will delight any fashion lover.
The latest Tocoto Vintage collection was created from a combination of traditional elements with modern design, which makes the products of this brand stand out on the fashion market. Lace, embroidery, frills - these are just some of the elements that can be found in the products.
The Tocoto Vintage brand creates a perfect harmony of combining different styles, tradition and modernity. It is a brand that wins the recognition of customers from all over the world, and the founder of Tocoto Vintage has created something unique - a brand that will always be associated with the tiny island of Formentera, where it all began.
The latest collection of Tocoto Vintage with a vintage effect is selling at an incredible pace, so hurry up, because there are only the last pieces left!!!
All clothes from the Tocoto collection can be found at https://happypumpkin.pl/brand/2-tocoto-vintage