List of products by brand Picnik Barcelona

What is the Picnik brand?

Picnik Barcelona was founded in 2019 in Barcelona. Clothes are designed based on old graphics, such as flowers, fruits or old everyday objects. The hallmark of the Picnik brand are raw materials with decorative elements, minimalism and a reference to the previous era. The strength of the Picnik Barcelona brand is high-quality cotton made of slightly thinner yarn. The delicacy of the clothes and their quality ensure maximum comfort even on the hottest sunny days, not only in Spain, but also around the world. Picnik is a premium brand not only because of the quality of cotton and unusual patterns, but above all for a sustainable approach to fashion, environmental protection and thus a conscious approach to fashion.

Where are Picnik clothes made?

The Picnik brand produces its clothes in Spain and Portugal, thanks to which it obtains the best quality of its products.

Who are Picnik clothes designed for?

Picnik Barcelona collections are designed for the youngest and for older kids in the range from 3 months to 14 years. It is ideal for people who value comfort and durability, and for people who buy consciously.