List of products by brand The Animals Observatory

The Animals Observatory is an innovative brand whose mission is to convey the beauty of childhood and of family moments through garments. The Animals Observatory was founded in 2015 and works with a multidisciplinary team with the aim to research and develop creativity in the fashion industry through imaginative and out-of-the-box collections under the guidance of the brand’s Creative Director: Laia Aguilar.

THE MANIFESTO The Animals Observatory

1. We will celebrate the beauty of

the passage of time through things.

2. We will be honest like animals

and clever like children.

3. Every morning, as we open the

wardrobe, we will sing old songs

for a new world.

4. We will follow our instinct to

the Northern Lights.

5. Love above all. Equality above

all. Kindness above all.

6. We will play hide and seek

with the stupid and the selfish.

And they’ll never find us.

7. We will light candles with kisses

and look each other in the eyes.

8. We will not respect museums

that don’t tell the truth.

9. We will reject any wool that’s


10. We will do things with passion,

complete passion and nothing but


We are surrounded by beauty. Sometimes we take it for granted, but the world that we live in is full of dazzling geometric shapes, colors and textures. 

Fall-Winter 2023 with The Animals Observatory pays homage to this natural beauty, the one that has always been there and the one that artists like László Réber, Alexander Calder or Henri Matisse have been able to create.

This new collection sails into a sea full of geometric motifs, and goes into a forest packed with botanical illustrations. Paradoxically, FW23 also brings warmer times with it thanks to having thicker fabrics