List of products by brand Tocoto Vintage

What is the Tocoto Vintage brand?

Tocoto Vinted is a brand of exclusive clothes for children and teenagers, it was created thanks to the designer's love for her children, love for the sea and the tiny island of Formentera.
Thanks to its innate romanticism and nostalgia while traveling around the world, Tocoto Vintage is distinguished by its extraordinary care for colors dominated by shades of pink, grey, beige and blue.
Also, the materials are always selected from high-quality fabrics, including cotton and linen, and are inspired by old boho vintage patterns.
Each product has a star, i.e. the brand logo, sewn on it. Stunning mini-jerseys with a handcrafted and vintage effect instantly remind you of Tocoto Vintage.

Where are Tocoto Vintage clothes made?

Tocoto Vintage clothes have been produced in Spain and Portugal since 2011, where the first unprecedented designer clothes for children and babies were created in the town of Terrassa.
Accessories in the style of: hoods, lace trimmings, pastel shades, delicate patterns and other amazing details that Tocoto Vintage serves us, makes them recognizable and unique.
Tocoto Vintage clothes are timeless, with the effect of inheritance, in which children are dressed from an early age. They fit both girls and boys, they are universal.

Who are Tocoto Vintage clothes designed for?

Tocoto Vinted collections are designed for the youngest and older, from 3 months to 14 years. The Tocoto Vintage brand also offers accessories such as scarves, hats, scarves, belts and footwear from baby to child.

What do we offer from the Tocoto Vintage brand?

In our store we mainly have blouses, t-shirts, trousers, skirts and sweatshirts for older children. For babies, you can find bloomers, bodysuits, rompers, dresses and blouses.
You will also find scarves, hats, scarves and other accessories.
One thing is certain, the Tocoto Vintage brand is not only premium quality, earth colors and timeless designs, it is above all the comfort that your child will have while wearing it, and his well-being is our success.