List of products by brand Little Man Happy

What is the Little Man Happy brand?

Little Man Happy is a German brand from Berlin. This is a line of exclusive clothes for children and teenagers, created to create timeless products that will be of high quality and durable for generations. One of the key designs of the brand is lmh looky looky, i.e. embroidered eyes as a detail.
The brand is created by two wonderful people - Sven and Ivonne. Ivy has a head full of ideas, creating collections that are bold, fun and stylish, and at the same time very creative. Sven realized himself in interior design. Their meeting gave birth to the idea to combine both understanding of design, lifestyle and be inspired by these issues in fashion. Little Man Happy products are pleasant to wear, easy to match and mix with other collections. Patterns are usually on the entire surface of the garment - allover print. Little Man Happy makes every effort to ensure that their clothes are made of the best quality cotton fibers - friendly materials and unique styles.

Where are Little Man Happy clothes made?

Little Man Happy clothes are produced in Portugal, which guarantees the highest quality of the product and compliance with ethics. Designer clothes for children and babies, created with unique prints recognizable for this brand, minimalist style and guaranteeing comfort - with a slight grain of salt.
Colours, hues and the repetition of the style in the collections make it impossible to pass by them indifferently. The Little Man Happy brand creates unconventional, unique and slightly abstract collections in terms of colors and patterns. They came to us exceptionally packed and beautifully fragrant.

Who are Little Man Happy clothes designed for?

Little Man Happy collections are designed for the youngest and for older kids (boys and girls), from 0 to 12 years old. The Little Man Happy brand also offers accessories, from hats to bags and belts. And don't be fooled by the name, the products are made for both boys and girls.