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WE ARE GOMMU - Ring Baby Almond
WE ARE GOMMU - Ring Baby Almond
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WE ARE GOMMU - Ring Baby Almond
WE ARE GOMMU - Ring Baby Almond

WE ARE GOMMU - Ring Baby Almond

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Teether / toy by WE ARE GOMMU. Toy in the shape of a ring with dolls head, very soft and fun. Almond colour, and green chapka.

Size 13cm x 6,5cm. Unisex. Made from the sap of the Hevea tree.

Do not expose to the sun, do not expose to high temperatures, do not wash with abrasive agents, do not expose to salt water, do not swallow, the product is not intended for consumption.

Remaining order amount to obtain free shipping 500.00 złfree shipping starts from 500.00 zł

All eco-friendly, soft, easy to chew and waterproof. Inclusive, diverse, representing all skin colors, which is amazing !!!!

Designed in Barcelona, manufactured in Spain and Marocco.

This GOMMU Toys is to do something better for our children and to do something better for our planet. To play. and learn with toys that are friendly to their future earth. To help them with their emotional, sensory and cognitive development.

The toys are made from natural rubber products from the white sap of the hevea brasiliensis tree, 100% biodegradable, produced through a green production process. All handmade, so each piece is unique, very soft, safe and hermetically sealed. 

The food grade paint used in the production is 100% safe and natural. It is also free from petrol, PVC and BPA. It is waterproof and easy to clean.